Decision making strategies for warehouse operations


  • Michał Kłodawski Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Transport, Warsaw, Poland Author
  • Konrad Lewczuk Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Transport, Warsaw, Poland Author
  • Ilona Jacyna-Gołda Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Production Engineering, Warsaw, Poland Author
  • Jolanta Żak Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Transport, Warsaw, Poland Author



warehousing, warehouse strategy, modelling, decision making


The paper presents issues related to design and organization of warehouse processes. Draws attention to problems of modelling logistics facilities and processes occurring in them. Paper also points out the essence of correct operation of warehouses and associated with this risks for supply chain. Warehouse processes have been properly defined and divided into smaller components, like: phases of process, activities, sets of procedures, procedures or working movements. Paper presents various possible configurations of warehouse processes, which were named as warehouse strategies. Warehouse process strategy is a part of warehousing. It determines the sequence of warehouse operations. These operations are related to internal transport, cargo form transformation and cargo buffering. In paper it is noted that the warehouse strategy depends on the several technical and organizational factors and is associated with a certain probability. This probability can be estimated based on data analysis concerning logistics processes in the specified warehouse facility. As shown in case study, appropriate selection of warehouse strategies determines possibility of fulfilling customer order in time and costs that are acceptable for him.


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Kłodawski, M., Lewczuk, K., Jacyna-Gołda, I., & Żak, J. (2017). Decision making strategies for warehouse operations. Archives of Transport, 41(1), 43-53.


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