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ARCHIVES OF TRANSPORT (ISSN: 0866-9546 | E-ISSN: 2300-8830)

The Archives of Transport is a journal of Warsaw University of Technology. It is prepared and published by Warsaw University of Technology – Faculty of Transport as a quarterly. The first issue of Archives of Transport was released in 1989. Since that time the journal is regularly and continuously published.

The journal presents results of new research referred to designing transport infrastructure, modeling transport systems and passenger and material flows, technology, organization and optimization in transport systems, operational issues, construction of vehicles, and telematics in transport. We put a special emphasis on using new technologies in transport, respecting environmental issues and practical application of the presented results.

Scope of Research

This journal's inclusive approach spans various vital areas within the transport and logistics sphere, and it actively encourages contributions that cover the following focal points:

  1. Transport Engineering: Research, analysis, and development of transport systems, vehicles, and infrastructure to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

  2. Transport Management: Examination of effective strategies and methodologies for the efficient management of transportation operations and resources.

  3. Optimization: Innovative approaches and techniques for optimizing transportation processes, resource allocation, and system performance.

  4. Logistics: Exploration of logistics strategies, supply chain optimization, and sustainable practices within the field.

  5. Industrial Plants: Insights into the planning, operation, and management of industrial facilities and their role in the transportation sector.

  6. Transport Infrastructure: Studies focused on the development, maintenance, and enhancement of various transport infrastructures, including roads, railways, and transhipment facilities.

  7. Ecology of Transport: Research addressing the environmental impact and sustainability of transport systems, with a focus on reducing ecological footprints.

  8. Telematics in Transport: Investigations into the integration of information technology and telecommunications in transportation for improved efficiency, safety, and communication.

Editorial Leadership

Archives of Transport is under the esteemed leadership of Editor-in-Chief Prof. Marianna Jacyna from Warsaw University of Technology. Prof. Jacyna and the dedicated editorial team uphold the highest standards of peer review, quality assurance, and the dissemination of impactful research.

Articles submitted to the Archives of Transport are published in English only. All texts are peer-reviewed (double blind review) by two reviewers (see Guidelines for Authors).

Attention. APC fee waiver.
It is possible to obtain an APC fee waiver. High-quality articles developed by international scientific teams may apply for an exemption. For this purpose, an application with justification should be sent via submission system.

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Archives of Transport received funding under the "Development of scientific journals" program implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Poland.

The project aims to improve the quality of the journal, including the quality of the publishing process, increase the range of its impact and maintain the journal in international circulation.