Modelling and analysis of transportation networks using complex networks: Poland case study


  • Zbigniew Tarapata Military University of Technology, Faculty of Cybernetics, Warsaw, Poland Author



transportation network, modelling, complex networks, network analysis


In the paper a theoretical bases and empirical results deal with analysis and modelling of transportation networks in Poland using complex networks have been presented. Properties of complex networks (Scale Free and Small World) and network's characteristic measures have been described. In this context, results of empirical researches connected with characteristics of passenger air links network, express railway links network (EuroCity and InterCity) and expressways/highways network in Poland have been given. For passenger air links network in Poland results are compared with the same networks in USA, China, India, Italy and Spain. In the conclusion some suggestions, observations and perspective dealing with complex network in transportation networks have been presented.


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Tarapata, Z. (2015). Modelling and analysis of transportation networks using complex networks: Poland case study. Archives of Transport, 36(4), 55-65.


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