Model of operational planning of freight transportation by tram as part of a green logistics system




ecologistics, freight tram, green logistics, stochastic demand, simulation model


The introduction of environmentally friendly technologies is becoming increasingly necessary to combat global warming and air pollution in cities. The concept of ecologistics is seen as an effective approach to the management of materials and related flows in order to reduce environmental and economic damage to the environment. The sustainable development of green supply chains is based on the use of environmentally friendly types of vehicles, reduction of energy and other resources consumption, optimization of transport and technological processes in delivery systems. As part of the development of green supply chain, it is proposed to transport goods by freight trams, which eliminates the need for heavy trucks in the city, improves traffic conditions and reduces the environmental impact of transport. The research was conducted for the city of Poznan. The distribution system of the city of Poznan operates in conditions of stochastic demand for deliveries from clients and the risk of lack of sufficient supplies in distribution centers. To take into account the specificity of the distribution system of cargo delivery in conditions of uncertainty and risk, a simulation model of the organization of the material flows within the transport system of the city of Poznan has been proposed. The result of simulation is the optimal assignment of clients to the distribution centers, as well as the value of total mileage with the load, which is a random variable. It is assumed that the random variable is distributed according to the normal distribution law. The results were calculated and compared for two variants, i.e. for constant demand and sufficient quantity of cargo in distribution centers, and for variable demand and uncertainty conditions, e.g. insufficient cargo quantity in distribution centers. The purpose of the paper is to develop a simulation model for planning supplies of small consignments of goods by trams implementing green logistics concept with variable demand for transportation. After a short introduction of the problem, the literature review related to the concept of green logistics and requirements of transport and distribution system are presented in section 2. In section 3, the research problem and research methodology are described. Section 4 provides the results of assignment of clients to distribution centers. The paper ends with concluding remarks.


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