Regional implementation of a road safety observatory in Poland


  • Joanna Żukowska Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Author



oad safety, road safety monitoring, European Road Safety Observatory, ERSO


The paper outlines the background and goals of the Road Safety Observatory in the Polish region of Warmia and Mazury. While created it was Poland’s first road safety Observatory, both at the regional and central level. Established in line with the methodology proposed in the European project SafetyNet, together with the planned National Road Safety Observatory it will form part of a Europe-wide network of observatories linked with the European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO). Commissioned by the Regional Road Safety Centre in Olsztyn, the idea for the Warmia-Mazury Road Safety Observatory was developed in 2010. The Observatory was completed in the autumn of 2012 and opened in November 2012.


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