Information systems as a tool for supporting the management of aircraft flight safety


  • Mariusz Zieja Air Force Institute of Technology, Warsaw, Poland Author
  • Henryk Smoliński Air Force Institute of Technology, Warsaw, Poland Author
  • Paweł Gołda Air Force Institute of Technology, Warsaw, Poland Author



database, safety, statistical analysis, forecast


The article discusses the issue of air traffic safety in the context of aircraft combat readiness. Implemented methodological approaches to ensure security of civil and military aviation depend on the achieved level of safety The article points out selected aspects of data analysis in the field of flight safety gathered in IT systems functioning in civil and military aviation supporting the management of flight safety. Selected aspects of data analysis with different tools influencing the safety of flights are presented. The article also points to the role of the inspection functions and supervision at the stage of execution of normative acts on safety and conduct of flights and the implementation of projects to ensure flight safety. The development of projects firstly preventing air accidents is mentioned as an important action to support flight safety. Increasing level of flight safety in civil and military aviation requires searching for methods to support decisions and actions. The main aim is to develop such methods to support decisions which minimize the risk of errors.


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Zieja, M., Smoliński, H., & Gołda, P. (2015). Information systems as a tool for supporting the management of aircraft flight safety. Archives of Transport, 36(4), 67-76.


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