Conceptual approach to select parameters of hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions for wheel tractors designed for agricultural operations


  • Igor Taran National Mining University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Transport Management, Dnipro, Ukraine Author
  • Anatoliy Bondarenko National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute”, Department of Automobile Construction and Tractor Construction, Kharkiv, Ukraine Author



hydrostatic transmission, mechanical transmission, wheel tractor, braking process, controllability, braking efficiency


As a result of theoretical and experimental efforts, innovative scientifically grounded conceptual approach to select hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions (HMT) for wheel tractors designed for agricultural operations has been proposed. The approach is characterized by focusing on kinematic parameters, power parameters, and energy parameters of the transmission while performing technological operation “plowing”; it also takes into consideration braking features of a tractor in the context of various braking types. Application of the approach offers an opportunity to improve technical level of transmissions while updating current wheel tractors and designing new ones; moreover, that will better controllability as well as braking efficiency. The conceptual approach developed on the basis of proposed techniques and applied mathematical models makes possible to determine rational structure and basic design parameters of two-flow HMTs while designing; it also helps formulate recommendations concerning a technique for service braking and emergency braking under specific operational conditions.


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Taran, I., & Bondarenko, A. (2017). Conceptual approach to select parameters of hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions for wheel tractors designed for agricultural operations. Archives of Transport, 41(1), 89-100.


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