Input data selection for road traffic control systems


  • Bartłomiej Płaczek Faculty of Transport, Silesian University of Technology Katowice, Poland Author



road traffic, control systems


Emerging technologies in road traffic monitoring deliver communication solutions for wireless data transfers from mobile sensors. The availability of mobile sensors creates a huge opportunity to extend the road-side detection infrastructure of existing traffic control systems. The efficient use of the wireless communication medium is one of the basic issues in traffic monitoring systems development. In this paper a new method is proposed for input data selection in traffic control systems. The basic idea behind the input data selection is to recognise the necessity of data transfers through the uncertainty analysis of the traffic control decisions. The introduced algorithm selects time instances of input data that are transmitted from the traffic monitoring system to the control unit. The rejected measurement data are replaced by information granules produced by an on-line traffic simulation. If precision of the information granules decreases and the control decisions become uncertain then the current data readings have to be transferred. This principle enables a considerable reduction of the data volumes that have to be transmitted from traffic monitoring system. Processing of the measurement data is based on information granulation within fuzzy cellular traffic model. This technique allows the incomplete traffic information to be used for performance evaluation of control strategies and for uncertainty estimation of control decisions. Simulation experiments were performed to investigate the usefulness of this method for traffic control at signalised intersection.


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