Application of wavelet transform into precise localization of railway rail edges in visual diagnostic of track


  • Piotr Bojarczak Technical University of Radom, Malczewskiego 29, 26-600 Radom, Poland Author



wavelet transform, diagnostic of trock


The paper presents the application of wavelet transform into precise localization of railway rail edges. The precise localization of inner edges of the rail is particularly crucial in detection of surface flaws by the vision system. The proposed method uses the multi-resolution analysis in detection of rail edges. Application of the wavelet transform and the choice of the right combination of decomposition levels along with wavelet type immunizes the proposed algorithm against the variation of luminance of analyzing image. The algorithm is additionally resistant to shadows incidentally appearing in analyzing images. The performance of algorithm has been tested on the images coming from real vision system installed on the carriage.


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Bojarczak, P. (2012). Application of wavelet transform into precise localization of railway rail edges in visual diagnostic of track. Archives of Transport, 24(1), 5-16.


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