Analysis of video recordings in accident reconstruction




accident reconstruction, traffic accident, video analysis, digital video recorder (DVR), dashboard camera


Selected methods of quantitative analysis of video recordings are presented, which can be used to analyse images from both fixed cameras (highways, intersections, etc.) and vehicle-mounted cameras. The article deals with the use of video recordings in the reconstruction of road traffic accidents. Many drivers use digital video recorders (DVRs), the so-called dashboard cameras, which record the situation in front of or behind the car while driving. There are also many places where cameras are installed, such as highways, intersections, etc. In some situations, such recordings can be important evidence in establishing liability for a road traffic accident. However, in most of these cases, the video recording is only analysed qualitatively, while the article shows that a lot of quantitative information can also be obtained from the video recording, such as speeds, accelerations and directions of movement of the vehicles. Analysing the image of the camera moving with the vehicle is more difficult, but possible thanks to the analysis methods presented in the article. The reconstruction of a road traffic accident event using the presented methods can be carried out on the basis of recordings made with the help of recording devices that capture images of different quality. It is not necessary to know the parameters of the camera recording the image. However, knowing these parameters makes the analysis much easier. In addition, reference was made to the problems of image analysis that experts have to deal with when reconstructing accidents. It was pointed out that video recordings should be analysed using different methods depending on the situation they represent. The influence of the quality of the recording (resolution, distortion, image sharpness, recording speed, etc.) on the usefulness of the recording for obtaining quantitative information is also discussed. Finally, a method for estimating the uncertainty of the results is presented. The article confirms that it is possible to determine selected parameters of vehicle movement based on the analysis of the DVR recorder.


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