Out-of-round tram wheels – current state and measurements


  • Tomasz STAŚKIEWICZ Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Machines and Transport, Poznan, Poland Author
  • Bartosz FIRLIK Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Machines and Transport, Poznan, Poland Author




rail vehicles, tram wheel, out-of-roundness, accelerated wear, polygonization


Railway or tram wheel is never perfectly round and its surface is not ideally smooth, even at the very moment after manufacturing. This induces dynamic interaction between wheel and rail while rolling, which may result in accelerated wear, fatigue cracking, corrugation formation (both on wheels and rails) and intensified vibroacoustic emission. This paper is an attempt of summarising the current scientific achievements concerning out-of-round (OOR) tram wheels. The gathered research may provide an introduction to the broader analysis of this issue in tram technology. However there is still very little scientific works dedicated directly to light rail vehicles such as trams. The measuring methodology of out-of-round tram wheels is also described in this article. Appropriate measurements were made on the wheels of selected vehicles operated by municipal tram company in Poznań. The obtained results allowed to learn the characteristic forms of out-of-round tram wheels, among which, several forms of polygonization (ovalization, triangularization, etc.) were observed. Therefore we confirmed the thesis, that the method of fixing tram wheel rims in the lathe has a significant effect on formation of the unevenness of its rolling surface, both when new (just after turning) and, after some mileage of use, when even small irregularities become amplified. We observed also that the amplitude values from 5th up to 10th harmonic orders were increased during the operation. The initial out-of-round shape of the wheel should be likely present on the worn wheel, but with increased amplitudes of irregularities. Wheel out-of-roundness should be identified and removed at the soonest possible state to prevent its development and generating issues in the future operation, that are for example: rolling stock and infrastructure damage, impaired comfort of passengers and city inhabitants. It makes out-of-round wheels a serious problem to cope with for the vehicle operators, which can lead even to a catastrophe.


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