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Archives of Transport (ISSN: 0866-9546 | E-ISSN: 2300-8830)

Archives of Transport is a Scopus-indexed journal focusing on advancing knowledge in key areas of the transportation field. It is dedicated to publishing high-quality scientific research that encompasses a wide spectrum of topics, including Transport Engineering, Transport Management, Optimization, Logistics, Industrial Plants, Transport Infrastructure, Railway Infrastructure, Road Infrastructure, Transhipment Infrastructure, Ecology of Transport, and Telematics in Transport.

Mission and Emphasis

Archives of Transport is on a mission to provide an influential platform for researchers and professionals to contribute to the understanding and advancement of transportation systems and related domains. The journal places a strong emphasis on scientific rigour, excellence, and the exploration of innovative solutions to address the multifaceted challenges confronting the transport industry.

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Marianna Jacyna (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)

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Vol. 68 No. 4 (2023)
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